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Unrealistic Expectations For Web Designers

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It's often hard to tell what could be an unrealistic expectation to set forth on a web designer, especially since different web designers may have different skill sets. For example, while one web designer may be able to do backend work but put forth a poor frontend design, another may be more talented with aesthetic frontend work. While corporations often employ teams of designers for their websites, this may be unrealistic for the budget and needs of a small or medium business. 

One Web Developer To Rule Them All

One web designer (or two) should be enough for these situations. First, however, the company needs to know what to expect on such a project. Here is a comprehensive list of realistic and unrealistic expectations for the average freelance web designer. Please note that this can vary between web designers. So every business that needs these things done should ask the web designer if they can do these tasks. If not, the company may need to consider adding additional members to the team.  

DIY Website Migrations

DIY web design sites like Squarespace are excellent for users with no web design experience. However, these websites can be a real headache for web designers if asked to migrate a pre-existing website to the DIY platform. That is because many DIY web design platforms don't include the essential tools and functions that a web designer needs to use to quickly and successfully migrate a website. That forces the web designer to redesign the site from scratch on the DIY platform. If you don't want your newly hired web designer to hate their job, steer clear of asking them to do this unless they advertise it as part of their regular work. 

Backend Modifications

Most freelance web designers who serve small to medium businesses know little to nothing of backends web design languages such as PHP or Ruby. So asking one to redesign some aspect of the hosting or content management platform is usually out of the question. Unless they specifically mention backend skills, the chances are high that they only do frontend work. You will need to hire a backend designer if you want modifications made to the platform software. 

Sophisticated Graphic Design

While most web designers can do some basic graphic design required to make a good-looking website, many of them cannot do sophisticated graphic design such as designing business logos or manipulating photos. Your best bet will be hiring a graphic designer separately from the web designer if you need these services. 

Administrative Support

Web designers usually cannot fill any support roles outside of helping customers learn to log in and post to the website. And while they can design a website on a hosting or content management platform, they more than likely know little to nothing about server configurations or cybersecurity. These issues need addressing with a system administrator. 

Technical Support

Again, web designers do not fulfill any support roles. Instead, technical support comes from a system administrator or managed service provider. 

Object-Oriented Design

That goes hand in hand with backend design, and web designers are poorly equipped. Since frontend design only requires scripting knowledge, it's difficult to cross over into object-oriented languages like seen in backend design. As a result, any web apps you need will require an object-oriented programmer to create them. 


Freelance web designers cannot facilitate communication between their clients and other creative or technical team members. Besides lacking the training, web designers speak a different language from other innovative tech professionals. If you need better collaboration and project management for your web design team, try contacting a managed service provider. 

Managing A Larger Team

If you need more than one web designer can provide, don't panic! While it may seem like a lot to hire more than one professional to take on your business project, rest assured that this is not necessary at all. Managed service providers are the missing link between you and a technical team - they can discern what professionals need to be on the project, vet applicants to find the perfect professionals for your specific business needs, as well as manage the team and facilitate communications so that everyone understands precisely what the other side wants and needs of them. In addition, some managed service providers can help redundancy plan and take over some of the work themselves if anything goes awry. 

Jonquil McDaniel is a new managed service provider that started the industry in tech support, worked her way up from frontend web design to dev-ops system administration, polished up her skills freelancing for various types of projects, then went back to school for Communications as the finishing touch to starting a career in managed IT support services. She can manage and communicate with all levels of professionals. Jonquil also can do much of the work herself as well should any team members fail to meet their commitments. Tenacity, brains, willpower, and originality drive everything she does. Check out her services for your business now at

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